What Is Lawn Aeration And How To Find A Professional Service?


If you’re unsure what lawn aeration is or how it can help your lawn, you can read our article on how it works. We’ll also discuss when you might need to get your lawn aerated, how much it costs, and the signs you need to get your lawn aerated. Now that you know what lawn aeration is, you’ll be able to choose a company that offers the service and helps you get the best results.

Cost of lawn aeration

Generally, the smaller your lawn, the less expensive it will be, and you can expect the cost to be lower. If you have a small lawn, you can ask about flat rates for up to five thousand square feet, and a higher rate for lawns that are more than ten thousand square feet.

A flat rate for standard 5,000-square-foot lawn aeration starts at $70, but this can vary widely, depending on the company. You can expect the cost to be closer to $600 if your lawn is smaller than this, but it can be higher if you want a large yard. You can also ask about any additional services you might want to use, like skips, which will significantly reduce the cost of lawn aeration.

The cost of lawn aeration may vary greatly depending on the size of your yard and the level of soil compaction. It is important to note, however, that you may be able to lower the cost of lawn aeration by hiring a lawn aeration company to do the job. Moreover, you may also opt for a whole-season lawn maintenance package. This way, you can get all the necessary lawn-care services from the same company weekly or bi-weekly.

Methods used for lawn aeration

Aeration is removing small plugs of soil from the turf to improve air circulation around the roots and increase water and fertilizer absorption. Aerated lawns are more resilient and bounce back more quickly from harsh conditions. Regardless of your current soil type, aeration is essential in maintaining a beautiful property. Professionals are available for this service; you can find a company online or by contacting a local lawn care service.

When looking for a lawn care service, you can choose the method that best suits your needs and budget. You can select from spike aeration or core aeration, producing equally satisfying results. Spike aeration is the most popular method and costs less than core aeration. When hiring a professional lawn aeration service, you can get various benefits, including discounted rates.

Liquid aeration is a process that produces small holes in the soil, encouraging greater root growth and access to nutrients. Unlike liquid aeration, core aeration requires professional service and can be expensive to rent. Besides soil aeration, you should follow up with regular mowing and watering to ensure your lawn remains healthy.

Signs that you need to aerate your lawn

The first sign of soil compaction is a slow pace in absorbing water. You can measure this by taking a small piece of soil and measuring its root length. If the roots are shorter than 2 inches and the lawn has more than 1.5 inches of thatch, it’s probably time to aerate your lawn. Besides improving the health of your lawn, aeration can improve the aesthetics of your yard.

If your lawn has puddles, the soil is too compacted, and thatch inhibits water from reaching grass roots. Ultimately, this leaves your lawn vulnerable to threats like drought. Aeration breaks up the compacted soil and improves drainage. During a rainstorm, puddles form instead of soaking into the ground. Puddles on your lawn may be a sign of poor drainage. If you notice these signs, aerating the soil will make it easier for water to reach the roots of the grass. If you’ve experienced these problems, it’s time to aerate your lawn and contact lawn aeration services by Yard Dawgs as soon as possible.

When to aerate your lawn

The frequency of aeration depends on the soil you have on your lawn. A heavy clay component in the soil needs aeration at least once a year. Sandy soil, however, can be aerated up to twice a year. The frequency may be increased for areas of high traffic or in arid climates. A well-aerated lawn will retain more water and stay green during hot summer days. 

If you’re unsure of the right timing for aerating your lawn, consider hiring a professional. Typically, these professionals can do the job for you for a very reasonable price. You’ll also benefit from their experience, as they can help you determine the right time for aeration.


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