What are the best dust control solutions for safer mining


Global Road Technology, a leading provider of dust suppression solutions, is trying to help reduce air pollution from mining in Australia. The company’s solutions include TCC, Foam sol, and Activate UG. You can read more about each of these dust control solutions in this article. But before investing in one, learn more about its advantages at globalroadtechnology.com/applications/dust-suppression-solutions/. If you’re considering mining, read on!

Activate UG

GRT ACTIVATE UG is a unique coal dust suppression product that super-activates water spray to immobilize airborne particles. Because coal is hydrophobic, it repels water on a microscopic level, bouncing off the water spray. The result is fine dust particles that can cause respiratory disease. The spray solution is also suitable for conveyor systems and transit.

Until recently, dust suppression was viewed as an unnecessary expense. But recently, new national legislation has put mine site dust control and air quality surrounding mining communities at the forefront of our national agenda. By implementing safer mining practices, companies put their workers’ health and safety first. Dust suppression is no longer optional – it’s now a requirement for a dust-free workplace.

Water has the wrong chemistry to suppress coal dust. GRT has recognized the dangers of water control and developed a safer alternative for mining operations. Activate UG uses plant-based and organic chemistries to control mineral dust while protecting workers from harmful chemicals. It reduces water consumption, ensures safer mining operations, and eliminates the risk of exposure to fine silicates.


Total Coal Control, or TCC, offers higher levels of dust suppression throughout the materials supply chain while providing environmental benefits. This product is a one-formula-fits-all solution, suitable for bulk coal applications and can improve material handling. TCC is designed for use on-site and can reactivate its advanced dust suppression properties with plain water. It provides quality protection to coal by binding fine particles and preventing product loss from wind or rain.

Total Coal Control is a patented technology developed by Reynolds Soil Technologies, a fine particle management company. The system combines a patented formulation with technology to provide superior dust suppression. Total Coal Control is applied to bulk coal in initial treatment and delivers material handling improvements throughout the delivery process. Our comprehensive dust suppression additives include binders, foam dust control, tackifiers, and humectants. 

Using our technology, we can help you achieve the highest levels of compliance while reducing your operational costs and risks. A dust suppression system can improve downstream operations and provide a safer environment for miners. In one case, a gold mining operation found that its solvents were highly flammable and difficult to control. The company implemented a Dust Foam system that reduced the moisture level of strip coal by 20%.

Coal seam water injection

Coal seam water injection and water-spraying dust control are two methods of controlling air pollution from mining operations. Coal seam water injection works by pre-wetting the coal seam before mining to reduce brittleness, reducing the production of coal dust. Spray dust control works by dispersing tiny water droplets to settle the particles. Combined with coal seam water injection, these methods have the potential to make mining safer and more efficient.

Two types of coal injection are used: dynamic pressure and static pressure. The former uses a water injection pump and an 11-litre water container. The water is injected in a pattern similar to that of boreholes. The coal body absorbs the water by capillary force, and the supporting working face is approximately 80 m from the surface. The water injection pressure is adjusted according to the corresponding flow mete.

Foam sole

The Foam Sol Dust Control solution is a two-phase mixture of polyethylene oxide and fly ash with several functions that you can combine for dust suppression. Its properties, primarily based on the interactions of the mentioned compounds, include increased foam stability, low surface tension, and increased zeta potential. This combination is an ideal dust suppressant solution for mining applications. The advantages of the Foam Sol Dust Control solution are numerous, and its effectiveness can be seen in several fields, including coal mines.

Its natural ingredients help control airborne particulates and prevent slippery conditions in mining sites. It can be applied in varying concentrations on various equipment and reduces water usage. When used, it is entirely safe for workers before it dries, thus preventing the risks associated with inhaling fine silicates. In addition, it can also reduce the risk of dust control violations, including fine particles. The benefits of Foam Sol dust control solution for safer mining include lower costs, improved downstream operations, and increased safety for miners.

The Foam Sol Dust Control Solution uses water-soluble polymers to improve the effectiveness of dust suppression. The water-soluble polymer in Foam Sol can control dust hazards and can be used as a reference for better dust-suppression foam. 

The Polymer-containing soft matter has significant value and broad application prospects. It has contributed to many industries, including dust control, gas drainage, and roadway support. Polymers are commonly used in coal mine engineering and are particularly effective for reducing dust and gas emissions. Various research and development projects are using this material for safer mining. So, if you’re looking for a new solution for dust control in your mine, Foam Sol is the ideal choice for your project.

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