Sugar Rush by Pragmatic Play


Sugar Rush is a multi-vertical judi slot gacor game from Pragmatic Play. It uses a cluster pays system to reward players with winning combinations. To win, five matching symbols must be connected in either a horizontal or vertical direction. Winning clusters trigger the tumble feature. In addition, Multiplier Spots are present to make sure that winning symbols explode.

High volatility math model

Sugar Rush is one of the most popular judi slot online, and there are many different variations and seasonal iterations of the game. The paytables for these games may give players some hints about how they will fare, but it is impossible to tell which ones are more volatile. Fortunately, Pragmatic Play has developed a math model for its games that can make the difference between high volatility and low volatility games.

Free spins

If you like to win sugary prizes, you might want to try out the Sugar Rush slot machine by Pragmatic Play. The slot game is optimised for mobile play and features a 7x7 grid. This slot offers two main bonus features - Free spins and multipliers. Both of these are triggered when you land on a winning cluster of symbols.

Sugar Rush is one of two slots from Pragmatic Play. It features a grid-based system to match up the wins, and is decorated with candy in the distance. It also has a very bright and colorful theme. It features a giant gumball machine as the scatter symbol, which only animates during wins.

Max win

Sugar Rush is a new online slot from Pragmatic Play, which features a 7-reel, 7-row grid and cluster pays system. This system requires players to match five symbols of the same kind in either the horizontal or vertical direction. The game is very similar to Pragmatic Play's other slot, Sweet Bonanza.

This slot is themed around sugar and is accompanied by a cascading bonus feature. Whenever you get a winning combination, you will see a multiplier appear in a special space. If you hit several times in a row, the multiplier can increase to as much as 128 times your original bet. During free spins, you will also have the chance to use multipliers on the reels to boost your wins.


Pragmatic Play, a multi-vertical content provider for the iGaming industry, has released Sugar Rush, its new online slot machine. The game features a seven-reel, seven-row grid and a cluster-pays system. To win, players must match at least five symbols to form a winning cluster on the payline. The clusters must be connected both horizontally and vertically.

Sugar Rush features a high RTP and a dynamic math model. The game is fun to play and has a high max payout of 150x the stake. Unlike some other providers, this slot does not rely on bonus features to give players a chance to win big.


Sugar Rush is a slot by Pragmatic Play that uses quick-win mechanics to create winning combinations. It features hidden multipliers behind each cluster to boost payouts. This game is similar to the Candyways Bonanza Megaways slot and offers high payouts, despite its low RTP.


Sugar Rush features a 7x7 grid and cluster pay system. To win, you need to create clusters of matching symbols in the horizontal and vertical directions. In order to create a winning cluster, you need to match five symbols of the same type.



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