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My sister used to say that we should always have an end goal in mind, and this was the first thing she said when I said we should always have a goal in mind. This is important because it is what makes us feel good when we achieve our goals. It is the goal that we are striving for. The next thing she said was, “it’s not about having the best car, it’s about having the best goal.

So what is this goal then? Well, I guess the goal would be to get as much research as possible. In the video clips below I am playing around with a few different goals, but the gist is that this goal is to get as much research as possible, then work on an answer for a class project. I may write an essay, perhaps an essay on how I got my Ph.D., or something equally as interesting.

We are also working with some of the most creative minds in the world. In fact, this research has already yielded the creation of a new, groundbreaking piece of research. The video below shows the incredible work that was done by a group of researchers to solve an extremely complex math problem. Now, you may say, what’s so difficult about math? Well, the problem is that we don’t actually know what the answer is so there is no way to know if our solution is correct.

But I suppose that the people who worked on this project are now saying that this isn’t necessary anymore. They are now saying that since we have such a good idea and we can show it to millions of people, it should not be kept secret. It should be made available to all.

A third, and perhaps more important point is that we can do it without making any assumptions about the real process of solving a difficult mathematical problem.

The more research that is done, the more we may learn. So the only way to be sure that we’re right is to just try it. We had to make some assumptions about how the algorithm works. Those assumptions are now revealed in the results. That’s good! We should just let everyone see it.

There have been a few studies about what happens when you stop studying math. In all of these, the people who stopped studying math did not get better at math. They just got better at doing other things they didn’t like. I think this is true here too. We’re learning that if you’re not studying math you might not get better at it.

We all want to get better at things we don’t have to worry about the first time. But sometimes that means just taking a class or doing a research paper. Sometimes it means taking a class that you hate where you don’t get good grades, but that is a good learning experience. Sometimes it means doing something in your life that is not really your thing where you get to do something that you really like.

So when we think about how much work we do for ourselves to get better, we might overthink it a bit. We really don’t have to. We are the only people on earth who really do have to study. It’s a biological necessity. It is not a luxury we can get bored with.

The concept of “work” is a bit alien to us, I know. Most of the time we think of our chores, or our responsibilities as parents, or our work as a teacher, but we don’t think of it in the same way that we think of our work as a student. We are not used to having schoolwork that is “real work”. In fact, it is almost impossible to know how much our work actually is.

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