How To Choose The Best Portable Survey Equipment For Your Job


Before you decide on the type of portable survey equipment to buy, you must be aware of the things you need to consider. For example, you need to consider the features of a surveyor’s rod, which is essential for measuring land. Ensure the numbers on the rod are clear to read, whether in inches, feet, or tenths of a foot. If you are unsure which type to buy, read on to find out how to choose the best portable survey equipment for your job.

Stable tripods

Stable tripods for portable survey equipment are essential for land surveyors who use various portable survey equipment. Tripods with three legs easily extend to the desired height, ensuring level platforms and stability. 

You can adjust a tripod by extending its legs to a comfortable eye level, allowing you to operate the instrument safely. But not all tripods have secure clamps. Some have a center clamp and a side clamp; a screw fixes the center clamp while the side clamp is adjustable by hand. Ensure that you choose a tripod with a secure clamp. The legs should adjust to the desired length and feature caster adapters and slip joints.

Aluminum tripods are another good choice for surveying; they are light and inexpensive. The only disadvantage of aluminum tripods is that they are not completely resistant to temperature changes. The legs can stretch or contract when the temperature changes, but they are excellent for short-term setups and milder weather. You may also check to learn more about this.

Laser levels

While red laser levels are popular for indoor use, the self-levelling green ones can be used outdoors for outdoor tasks such as masonry alignment, fence installation, drainage, grading, and basic surveying. When choosing portable survey equipment for your job, consider the durability of your level.

Its range is one important factor in determining the right laser level for your job. A combo tool laser level can have an effective range of 30 feet, while a rotary level can have an effective range of more than 2,500 feet. A rotary level is more accurate and can emit a beam that’s more than one foot in the air. While a rotary level has a larger range, it can be used in tighter areas.

The versatility of laser levels is another factor to consider. If you plan on using a level indoors, consider purchasing a self-levelling model. This model is rugged and is rated IP66. It’s for general levelling, pipe laying, basements, and excavation. Another popular option is the rotary laser level, which is used for interior and exterior applications, and it is the best laser level for grading and drainage work.

Measuring wheels

When choosing portable survey equipment, measuring wheels are a great feature to look for. The readable screen on measuring wheels allows for quick measurements on the go, making them convenient to use, especially when working in large spaces. The wheels are also secure, so you can work in peace while taking measurements. If you’re unsure which type to purchase, read product reviews to determine which features are most important for your job.

Another important feature for choosing portable survey equipment is the wheel’s weight. Besides being convenient and lightweight, measuring wheels also have a high cost-to-benefit ratio. They are usually sturdy and durable but don’t expect them to last forever. Some measuring wheels even come with a lifetime guarantee.

Fibreglass tape measures

Steel tape measures have long been the standard for measuring equipment in construction, engineering, and surveying. Fibreglass tape measures are more durable and rust-resistant. Plus, they are safer to use around electrical hazards. The long one is suitable for large areas, while the short one is suitable for smaller spaces. They are also pocket-friendly, making them ideal for professionals working on buildings, apartments, and houses.

Fibreglass tape measures are highly durable and easy to transport. The retractable design of fibreglass tape measures is a good choice for long measurements. If you don’t want to carry a heavy, rigid steel tape measure, opt for a flexible one. Moreover, steel tapes are not recommended for use near railway lines or electric fences. You can also use double-sided steel tape measures when working in a dark area.

NEDO Surveying elevating tripods

These tripods are lightweight yet highly rigid and robust. They help improve the accuracy of mounted instruments and ensure optimum results. Whether you need a portable or stationary tripod, a Nedo model is available.


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