governor newsom youth sports update


Governor Newsom signed into law the Youth Sports Act. The law will allow youth sports leagues and youth athletic organizations to operate in a manner consistent with the state’s athletic rules and regulations.

The YSA was one of the first local sports and recreation bills to pass in the legislature in 2011. It was signed by Gov. Ken (Manny) Oropeza in July of that year. The bill was originally passed under the auspices of the Council of State Governments (CSG), but in 2011 the state legislature removed CSG’s oversight and put all of the power over the legislation in the hands of the governor.

The governor’s office says that the bill will be up to the discretion of the governor to determine what is and is not consistent with the state’s laws, but I’m sure they aren’t going to be making that mistake with youth sports.

Governor Manny Oropeza is certainly not a fan of youth sports. His bill would prohibit sports from being played in the state of Hawaii. That would be a major change in the state of Hawaii’s youth sports landscape. It would also be a huge mistake. For the state’s youth sports program, the new bill would have a significant negative impact on the sport. In Hawaii, it is estimated that 70,000-80,000 youth sports players are participating in the sport each year.

The problem with youth sports is they don’t have the money to pay for the athletes to train. The bill would penalize youth sports organizations that don’t pay their athletes enough money. It’s a move that would be very costly. It will mean fewer scholarships for our youth athletes, who are already struggling to pay the bills. If these athletes are unable to show up to their events, we’ll have a problem.

The bill would also punish youth sports organizations that do not have sufficient resources to keep track of the many different sports youth athletes participate in. At best, it would mean that some youth sports organization would have to close down its facilities, and that would be disastrous. The money required to run the youth sports organization would be huge.

Well, it would mean that at least some events would have to be cancelled. But it might mean that youth sports organizations could just close shop and be left with no one to compete. This is what happens when you tell athletes to quit and go work for Google or Facebook.

It would be great if the governor newsom youth sports organization could just be run on something like Kickstarter or IndieGoGo. That way they didn’t have to pay a cent to run. But that would probably mean less money for charity, which is a big deal.

Maybe they should be paying taxes and get a cut of the profits.

Governor Newsom is clearly in the wrong. He’s trying to run a grassroots sports program that gives away $50,000 a year to youth athletes. We’ve already seen the governor cut $100,000 from the youth program, so that doesn’t seem like much of a cut. However, his goal is to have the state compete on a national level. To do this, he needs to hire some new players.

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