Embracing Korean Culture: Staying with Ajumma



Korean culture is rich with traditions, customs, and etiquette that have been passed down through generations. One unique aspect of Korean culture that foreigners often find fascinating is the ajumma experience. Ajumma, which loosely translates to middle-aged Korean women, are a prominent and respected group in Korean society. Staying with an ajumma offers a truly immersive experience into Korean daily life, customs, and traditions.

Understanding Ajumma

Ajumma, typically in their 40s to 60s, are known for their strong personalities, practical approach to life, and no-nonsense attitude. They are often seen wearing visors, perm haircuts, practical clothing, and carrying market bags. Despite their sometimes stern exterior, ajummas are incredibly warm-hearted, caring individuals who take great pride in extending hospitality to others.

Staying with an Ajumma

When staying with an ajumma, you can expect to be treated like family. These women are renowned for their exceptional cooking skills, so be prepared to indulge in delicious, home-cooked Korean meals. Ajummas also take great joy in taking care of their guests, ensuring that you are well-fed and comfortable during your stay.

Embracing Korean Customs

Living with an ajumma provides a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Korean customs. From participating in traditional tea ceremonies to learning how to properly bow as a sign of respect, staying with an ajumma offers a firsthand glimpse into Korean traditions. You may also have the chance to join in on kimchi-making sessions, a beloved Korean pastime that ajummas take great pride in.

Exploring Korean Daily Life

One of the most rewarding aspects of staying with an ajumma is experiencing authentic Korean daily life. From accompanying your host to the bustling local markets to taking part in early morning exercises, you will gain a deeper appreciation for the rhythm and routine of Korean society. Ajummas are often keen to impart their wisdom and knowledge onto others, making your stay a valuable learning experience.

Bonding with Your Ajumma

While language barriers may exist, the connection you can form with your ajumma host transcends words. Through shared meals, laughter, and simple gestures of kindness, you can forge a meaningful bond with these remarkable women. Don't be afraid to ask questions, show interest in their lives, and express your gratitude for their hospitality – your ajumma host will surely appreciate your efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What should I bring as a gift for my ajumma host?
  2. Ajummas appreciate practical gifts such as fruit baskets, premium teas, or small household items. Showing your appreciation through a thoughtful gift will be warmly received.

  3. Should I address my ajumma host in a specific way?

  4. While formal titles are appreciated, most ajummas are comfortable with being addressed simply as "Ajumma" or "Eomeoni" (mom) as a sign of respect and affection.

  5. How can I show respect to my ajumma host?

  6. Demonstrating courtesy, gratitude, and willingness to participate in household tasks are excellent ways to show respect to your ajumma host.

  7. What should I be mindful of during my stay with an ajumma?

  8. It's essential to observe household rules, maintain cleanliness, and be mindful of noise levels to ensure a harmonious living environment during your stay.

  9. Can I participate in ajumma activities such as early morning exercises?

  10. Ajummas are often delighted to have guests join them in their daily activities. Express your interest in participating, and your host will likely welcome your involvement.


Staying with an ajumma offers a unique and enriching opportunity to immerse yourself in Korean culture, traditions, and daily life. Through shared experiences, conversations, and gestures of kindness, you can form a deep connection with your ajumma host and gain a newfound appreciation for the warmth and hospitality of Korean society. Embrace this cultural exchange wholeheartedly, and you will undoubtedly create lasting memories and friendships that will stay with you long after your stay has ended.

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