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The best way to describe the Liberty University Sports Hall of Fame is to say that it is a place where you can go to honor your favorite team, past players, or coaches who shaped and molded the sport.

The Liberty University Sports Hall of Fame is a building dedicated to honoring the legacy of the football program at the small university in Liberty, Missouri. It was the venue where, in 2001, Jerry Tarkanian, the coach of the university’s soccer team, gave his induction speech. Tarkanian’s words were an immediate hit among fans of the sport, who saw him as a symbol of what the sport had become.

The Liberty University Sports Hall of Fame is a fairly large building. It is also the headquarters for the University of Missouri athletics program. Liberty has produced five men who have been inducted into the Hall of Fame: Tony Kornheiser, who was inducted in 2005, and the three previous inductees, who were inducted in 1999, 2004, and 2011. There has been a total of 924 inductions of people who played in the program.

Tony Kornheiser is the first of the three inductees to have his number retired. But that isn’t the end of his story. In 2012, he was awarded the NCAA’s new National Coach of the Year award. Kornheiser was then also elected president of the National Association of Basketball Coaches.

His story in a nutshell, we can all attest, is that Tony Kornheiser is considered to be one of the best coaches in the history of the NBA. Kornheiser started a basketball academy in his hometown in the 1980s. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame as a player when he was only 22. In 1999, he was inducted into the Hall of Fame as a coach.

He was even named Coach of the Year by the National Basketball Coaches Association in 2000, a year after being named the national coach of the year.

To get a coach into the Hall of Fame, you have to be a part of some team that is named in the Hall’s honor. He’s now a part of the Liberty basketball program, where his name also appears on the team’s jersey. He has a long history of successful stints coaching at high schools and college levels. In the early 1990s he coached at the University of Cincinnati. In 1995, he coached at the University of South Carolina.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve played the game of basketball in my life. At a very young age I was a part of three teams that each won three games over the course of a season. I was a part of the Liberty basketball team, my team of five, who won the national championship in 2000. When I watched Coach Hes on the sidelines I could tell he was the best coach I have ever seen. It’s hard to say goodbye.

Coach Hes’ career is marked by a lot of things, but he is most famous for his tenure at South Carolina. He was the head basketball coach there for 14 years. He led his team to its only national championship, and he was named the Southeastern Conference Coach of the Year in 2000. His time at South Carolina was remarkable in many ways, but perhaps most notably, his team was led by a man with the world’s best track record in the game of basketball.

The coach I have ever seen. Its hard to say goodbye, but the man is retiring. Its hard to say goodbye but one last time, we are going to miss you. A farewell post game ceremony will be held at the Spartan Center in Columbia, SC, tomorrow night, and I am sure you will be there.

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